Research Nodes

Space, Place and Temporality (Led by Chris Agius and Hind Ghandour)

This IRN node focuses on the question of identity in space, place, and across time. It encompasses research that is concerned with how space, place and temporality affect, constitute and challenge identity, and how concepts of identity may mark and likewise impact upon spaces and places. Our research within this node encompasses themes of identity at the national, subnational, marginalised and international levels, covering geography, history, social networks and groupings, and themes related to space and place making.


Self, Culture and Subjectivity (Led by Neil Thomas and Hadi Sohrabi Haghighat)

This IRN node involves research dealing with cognitive and social dimensions of self, investigating identity construction both at individual and collective levels. The topics we engage with range from psychological, psychoanalytical, and philosophical research on cognitive development, self-identification and subjectivity to the studies of social identities such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and nationality.


Media, Art and Technology (Led by Dean Keep and Saba Bebawi)

This IRN node explores the concept of identity through media, art, and technology. It seeks to unpack how identity is constructed, represented, and discussed through these areas. This node looks into mediated notions of identity and how they are interpreted by producers and audiences. In turn, it aims to highlight the issues, challenges, and possibilities that arise from such an interaction between identity, media, art, and technology.


Find out more about all our Node Leaders here.



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