Monthly seminar series 2015

We look forward to our seminars for 2015:

May 29: Identity and Gaming

June 26: Perfomativity and Mediated Identity 

July: Break/writing projects

August 28: Practice-led approaches **postponed due to unforeseen circumstances!**

September 25: Identity, Belonging and Place

We have three fantastic presentations lined up for September:

Kim Robinson (Deakin University) ‘“They said we must sign and go back” Young Afghans facing return to Kabul from the UK.’

Lisa Gye (Swinburne) ‘Touristic Space and Mediated Identity?’

Simone Battiston (Swinburne) “Far-left politics & identity formation among Italian-Australians (1966-1972)”

October 30: Race, Identity and Post-Colonialism

November: 27: Workshop 

Watch out on the blog for more details on presenters and titles. Venue and time as always: Friday 2-4, Penang Room, Swinburne Library.


Our April seminar was an absolute hit, thanks to three very engaging presentations from our fabulous speakers. Dr Cai Wilkinson (Deakin University) discussed the gendering of the Russian state and its reliance on hetero-normative gendered identities. Julia Richardson (Deakin University) presented on her research in Turkey and the notion of ‘motherhood’ in the Turkish national identity, which included debates about recent protests, and how gender is embedded in Turkish historical narratives. Dr Lauren Gurrieri (Swinburne University) provided some fabulous insights into advertising, gender and taboo, engaging the audience with her research on the various justifications advertising organisations use to rely on particular representations of gender identity. 


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