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The politics of identity: Place, space and discourse

We’re thrilled our edited book with Manchester University Press is due out soon!


As you’ll see from the table of contents, we have a fantastic selection of chapters:

1 The politics of identity: making and disrupting identity – Christine Agius and Dean Keep
Part I: Establishing and consolidating identity
2 Co-constituting Fijian identity: the role of constitutions in Fijian national identity – Christopher Mudaliar
3 Australian foreign policy and the vernacular of national belonging – Katie Linnane
4 Gendered identities in peacebuilding: an analysis of post-2006 Timor-Leste -Sarah Smith
5 Agents of peace: place, identity and peacebuilding – Gezim Visoka
Part II: Identity rupture
6 A space for identity: the case of Lebanon’s naturalised Palestinians – Hind Ghandour
7 The Romani ‘camp-dwellers’ in Rome: between state control and ‘collective-identity closure’ – Riccardo Armillei
8 Telling terrorism tales: narrative identity and Homeland – Louise Pears
9 Right(s) from the ground up: internal displacement, the urban periphery and belonging to the city – Helen Berents
Part III: Contesting identity
10 Sweden, military intervention and the loss of memory – Annika Bergman Rosamond and Christine Agius
11 Pollution and purity: caste-based discrimination and the mobilisation of Dalit sameness – Ted Svensson
12 The queer common: resisting the public at Gezi Park and beyond – Paul Gordon Kramer
13 Positive regard for difference without identity – Lucy Nicholas

Thanks to all our fabulous contributors and MUP for seeing this project through! Book is available to order now.





Place, Politics and Privilege: joint conference with CIDRN

We’re excited to announce the Call for Papers for our forthcoming interdisciplinary conference with CIDRN, to be held in Melbourne in Feb 2017. Please spread the word!


To be held: Thursday 16-Friday 17 February 2017. Melbourne Australia
Flinders St Melbourne City Centre Campus, Victoria University

Place Politics Privilidge Conf 2017_WIP07 RGB

Download the Conference Flyer pdf here: Flyer%2029%20July

A research conference sponsored jointly by:

Community, Identity and Displacement Research Network, Victoria University, Australia

Identity Research Network, Swinburne University


Displacement, rupture and transformation increasingly characterise the nature of 21st century belonging and space, with important implications for identities, change and resistance. Despite the ‘liquid’ nature and fluidity of such movement, we are also witnessing struggles to reinscribe prevailing privilege and power relations. As nations and communities deal with mass migration, economic displacement and environmental impact, a variety of responses to crisis and resistance are emerging. Political communities and identities, which are organised non-hierarchically and defy territory, making use of virtual spaces, offer new ways of thinking about change, community and belonging. At the same time, we are also witnessing the revival of borders and the use of physical and virtual space to control and contain such impulses. From new cartographies and geographies, to different flows of life and modalities of organisation, space and place are constantly being revised and reinvented.

In this symposium, we analyse the problems and possibilities that emerge from these configurations in order to consider resistance and modes of identity and belonging.

We invite papers that address following themes from an interdisciplinary perspective:

  • The politics of privilege, displacement and boundary-making: this can include urban design and built environment, architecture, political economy, security, and other fields
  • Space, borders and belonging at the local, national or global scales, including the digital and non-material, as well as radical geographies which respond to mass migration, urban diversity and the reconfiguration of political space
  • New meanings of community: this can include new strategies of cultural identity and resistance, new solidarities, and possibilities for belonging.

Abstracts to be sent to by 31 August 2016.

Abstract length 250, MS word format as email attachment with subject line PPPconference.abstract. Include your contact details in the abstract.

The conference will be followed by a refereed publication and all proposed contributions to this volume need to reach organisers by Friday 31 March 2017.

Further information from:

Christine Agius:



Gender, Queer and Feminist Research Network

IRN members may be interested in this exciting new research network being established at Swinburne University.

Affiliated with the Global Justice Flagship in the Institute of Social Research (SISR) and the Department of Education and Social Sciences (DESS), our informal research network will encompass members from across the university, whose interests lie in a range of areas which fall under the headings gender studies, queer theory and/or feminist and queer theoretical analysis/readings of applied social science.

This initiative recognizes the growing profile of gender and queer studies at Swinburne, with an increasing number of staff and research students working in these areas. We wish to foster networks and support an inspiring environment for sharing knowledge. We are also keen to feed into current initiatives that promote equality and diversity across the University.

The first activity is to be a gender theory reading group. The inaugural meeting of the group will be held on May 22nd 2015, 2-4pm. Professor Sandy Gifford would like to extend an invitation to interested parties to read and discuss the first chapter of Lucy Nicholas recent book –  Queer Post-Gender Ethics: The Shape of Selves to Come, Palgrave, Basingstoke.

Available as an ebook in the library, this monograph draws on a range of cutting-edge gender and sexuality theory and asks the timely question ‘Are we able to move beyond gender? If so, what are the implications in addressing pressing global social issues?’  We hope that this will spark lively discussion.

To express interest in being part of the group or for further information, please contact Dr Lucy Nicholas at If you wish to participate in the reading group please let me know preferred days.

– A joint initiative of the Global Justice Flagship – SISR and the School of Health, Art and Design. – Lucy Nicolas, Robyn Sampson and Sandy Gifford