CIDRN:Professor Bowen Paulle, University of Amsterdam

Our colleagues and friends over at Victoria University’s Community, Identity and Displacement Research Network have two great seminars coming up in December by Professor Bowen Paulle, University of Amsterdam.

Wednesday 2December at 6.00pm-7.00pm

Theatre 1101, 11th Floor, City FlindersCampus, 300 Flinders Street
(followed by light refreshments)
Dealing with disadvantage: From confusion about disciplining and ethnicization to clarity on what is to be done

Abstract: Gaps in life chances between the privileged and the disadvantaged are widening in many post-industrialized settings. Educational systems around the world are reinforcing broader socio-economic inequalities rather than mitigating them. As developments in the U.S. over the past 40 years demonstrate, allowing inequalities to spiral out of control leads to massive suffering—especially among the putatively undisciplined communities left behind—and polarization. As the rise of social nationalist (and openly xenophobic) parties across Europe indicates, ethno-political entrepreneurs can easily channel class-based resentment into dangerous voting blocks. Against this backdrop, Paulle argues that a great deal of conceptual confusion hinders discussions related to disciplining and ethnicisation. Informed by continuing research on high poverty, emotionally toxic (educational) environments and genuinely innovative efforts to protect those most immediately at risk of chronic exposure to them, Paulle argues that building on two major sociologists’ work can help us achieve greater clarity and outcomes from which all of us stand to gain.


Sport in Society
Ethnography and Social Theory
Meet the Ethnographer #3:
Thursday December 3 2015
10.00am – 1pm
In this instalment of the ‘Meet the Ethnographer’ series, Dr Bo Paulle demonstrates the application of social theory to his considerable ethnographic experience. Of special interest for HDR students is Bo’s ability, not only to theorize his data, but to use theory to inform on how to make changes to the field. Bo will be presenting work from his outstanding book, Toxic Schools (University of Chigaco Press, 2013), which is based on six years of teaching and research in two schools in the South Bronx and in Southeast Amsterdam. Dr Paulle takes us into the intimate embodied experiences of students and teachers and how they cope with chronic stress, peer group dynamics, and subtle power politics of urban educational spaces in the perpetual shadow of aggression.
Participants in the workshop will be provided with a selected reading list from Dr Paulle. The workshop will enhance HDR student’s knowledge and practical understanding of ethnographic method and provide the opportunity to discuss and debate the application of social theory to the fieldwork experience.
To register your attendance at the workshop or for any queries, please contact