Gender, Queer and Feminist Research Network

IRN members may be interested in this exciting new research network being established at Swinburne University.

Affiliated with the Global Justice Flagship in the Institute of Social Research (SISR) and the Department of Education and Social Sciences (DESS), our informal research network will encompass members from across the university, whose interests lie in a range of areas which fall under the headings gender studies, queer theory and/or feminist and queer theoretical analysis/readings of applied social science.

This initiative recognizes the growing profile of gender and queer studies at Swinburne, with an increasing number of staff and research students working in these areas. We wish to foster networks and support an inspiring environment for sharing knowledge. We are also keen to feed into current initiatives that promote equality and diversity across the University.

The first activity is to be a gender theory reading group. The inaugural meeting of the group will be held on May 22nd 2015, 2-4pm. Professor Sandy Gifford would like to extend an invitation to interested parties to read and discuss the first chapter of Lucy Nicholas recent book –  Queer Post-Gender Ethics: The Shape of Selves to Come, Palgrave, Basingstoke.

Available as an ebook in the library, this monograph draws on a range of cutting-edge gender and sexuality theory and asks the timely question ‘Are we able to move beyond gender? If so, what are the implications in addressing pressing global social issues?’  We hope that this will spark lively discussion.

To express interest in being part of the group or for further information, please contact Dr Lucy Nicholas at If you wish to participate in the reading group please let me know preferred days.

– A joint initiative of the Global Justice Flagship – SISR and the School of Health, Art and Design. – Lucy Nicolas, Robyn Sampson and Sandy Gifford


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