Thanks for a great start in 2014! Back in 2015 with more seminars and work!

Thanks to all our members and supporters for a fantastic start to our IRN in 2014. We’re taking a break for now over the summer as we prepare our publishing plans and start formulating the monthly seminar series for 2015, which will start around March or April.

In particular, we’d like to thank Swinburne’s Faculty Research Development Grant Scheme, which has helped us launch our work and bring together so many great people. The Department of Education and Social Sciences and the Swinburne Institute for Social Research have also provided much valued support to our activities. Without their support and encouragement, the IRN would not be as successful as it has been (and we’d be a hungier bunch of researchers!).

Special thanks are also in order for Helen Berents, who has done a spectacular job of managing and contributing to the IRN’s success. Thank you Helen!

Have a great break and see you next year!
Chris and Dean.


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